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Why Did I Choose to Be an Independent Female Escort?

I hope my unvarnished testimony does not make anyone feel insulted. Prepare to feel the thrill because I feel that for me to be free, I must shout out to the world to tell my story. I am writing this while my head is equipped with everything that happened in the past six months and changed my life completely.

From just a simple girl whose existence was known to nobody to being the most demanding Thane female escort in today's time. I am here to express my ideas about myself and about people I have encountered who contributed to transforming my life. It all began on my birthday when I discovered what was missing in my life. My 18th birthday gave me a purpose and a way to enjoy my life in the best way possible.

The Day I Discovered Who I Truly Was

My 18th birthday showed me the colours I missed in my life. It all started when my friend gave me a pen drive as a gift on my birthday and later that night I opened it on my laptop. I remember my room was dark and quiet. All I could see was two people making love.

Yes, it was the first time I watched porn. You won’t believe it, I grew up in an orthodox family where everyone was so strict about everything, and I never got this opportunity earlier. I never knew what I was missing till that day. Even though I have had one long-distance relationship before, I never knew this feeling existed.

I felt butterflies not just in my stomach but everywhere else in my body. It was an immense pleasure to see two people being intimate to the level where nothing else mattered. And that was what I think I missed in my life. When I shut down the laptop I could not stop fantasising about the place of the woman in the video. For more than a month, I kept playing the video over and over every night. And this gave me a purpose to find myself and satiate my needs.

The First Day of My College- I Met New Friends

Around three months have passed and then I enrolled in college in a new city. It was still difficult for me to talk about my fantasies to anyone. I feared that people might judge me or might distance themselves. Little did I know that my new friends would be a ray of hope and my life would change in no time. As my friendship grew deeper with them, I kept exchanging my feelings and fantasies.

My friend did not hesitate but said that it was completely normal to have these erotic feelings. As time passed our relationship became stronger. It was totally dark at night when we were sitting at the college hostel and I kissed him. It was a bit embarrassing for both of us but then I felt closer to him. As we both did not look forward to having a serious relationship, it did not matter to us.

One day, he came by and said that he was leaving the city and going abroad for his studies. It broke my heart as he was the only one who understood my fantasies. But a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Before leaving he texted me and sent me the number of one of his friends called Mohit. When I contacted Mohit, I was happy to know that he was actually in connection with escort agencies around the city. Talking to him made my way clearer and I was closer to reaching my goals.

My Initial Interaction with Mohit at the Coffee Shop

Mohit and I soon decided to meet up at the coffee shop nearby. This coffee shop was very peaceful and I went up early as I was too excited to meet him. Within fifteen minutes I saw a tall and handsome young man arriving with a very gorgeous woman. I thought that she must be his girlfriend. But then we talked for about an hour and he disclosed that she was just another top Thane female escort that many men desire.

This woman was named Seema. She told me that I had the potential to live a life like theirs. No wonder I was so happy in my heart that someone really gave me the way to walk on the path I wanted to. The best thing she told me was that no one would even know about the profession I was choosing to be in. A great amount of earnings on the course seemed to be like the cherry on the cake. A point here to mention, I wasn’t getting enough pocket money from my family to run the life I always desired.

I was scared as it was the biggest step that I would be taking but she did support me with her words. It felt like a dream. I thought that the Thane escort services would take some time to begin. But little did I know that she would be connecting me to a customer within a week. However, before they could connect me with a client, Mohit and Seema wanted to analyse my expertise. So they approached me for a threesome. Guess what? They were so pleased with my performance that they brought me a client just in two days!

My Journey Started as a Bold Thane Female Escort

My First Meeting with a Client at a Hotel Room as an Independent Thane Female Escort

I got a notification on my phone as I was sleeping that my client would arrive at the hotel at sharp 5 in the evening. It was exciting to see who would be my first client, and how I would talk to him. If the meeting would turn out well and whatnot.

I got out of bed, took a shower, loaded myself with the best perfume with a citrusy base and dolled myself up. I remember wearing my black bodycon dress with a choker and high heels. The cab arrived and I reached the hotel where the client greeted me in the lobby. Then we both went inside the room and hugged each other. He made the initial move and started talking erotically.

Slowly I saw his hand grabbing my thighs and I felt all the butterflies tingling in my stomach. With each passing time, he undressed me entirely and came on top of me. As he kissed each part of my body, it gave me a strong sensation and the desire to be with him grew. It was only about me and him- we stayed in the hotel room for a night. It was nothing less than a heavenly feeling.

The whole night he did nothing but make love with me. The next morning, he dressed himself up as it was time to check out. I stared at him naked from the bed when he came to me again to give me a beautiful fingerring as a gift. Even though clients are not supposed to raise the hopes of the escorts, for a moment he did that with his gentle attitude.

We parted ways after the pleasing one-night-stand (ONS) when I got a call from Seema for the payment. When I saw the payment amount, I was really in the 7th sky. I never knew a profession could bring so much fun and money at the same time!

It Was Never the Same After That Night | My Journey Started as a Female Escort

After that day, my life changed entirely. I was never the same girl as I was before. Every night I went to bed, it was not the person I slept with whom I craved. It was the touch, the feeling and the longing to be loved that I wanted more. It all felt very unrealistic because I had never kissed any boy before. Most of the time I caught myself smiling thinking of the sensational moments.

The other times, I found myself rushing towards my phone on hearing the notification beep thinking Seema might want me to meet with another client. It went on for a week- then the phone rang and Seema called again. She had set me up with another man who was halfway older than my age and was interested in young female college escorts. I was a bit nervous but then it was all a new experience that I did not want to miss.

She hooked me up with the new client for the very next day. This man was older but knew how to provide a princess treatment. He made sure I sat on his lap while he showered me with kisses. Even though my second client did not like talking much, he did make every moment count. Coming to the payment, I knew that I didn't have to work anymore as this was the easiest, most thrilling and the best way to make money. I realised that if I could groom myself better with time, one day I could become a high-profile female escort in the city.

A Change In My Lifestyle That I Never Thought Was Possible

Going back six months to who I was and what I am today, is a remarkable change that I never thought was possible. This change not only transformed how I looked, lived or wanted things but also my mindset. I no longer liked being alone and found myself always craving for a manly touch. I wanted someone to treat me better with love, while I gave them the girlfriend experience without asking for commitment.

It may seem like a deal of money, but for me, it was much more than an Thane escort service. Soon I became a sensation in the world of bold female escorts. I found myself in a lot of demand where men wanted to have me in their arms every weekend. But this time my expectations exceeded and I wanted something more. I wanted to be booked for weekends and foreign trips.

And guess what? My luck was always with me. I came across clients who wanted to have me forever. The transformation in my life from meeting my clients a handful of times made me feel that I was worth every glamour, fame and wealth that came in my way.

Do I Want to Continue This Lifestyle? - A Million Dollar Question

Don't be mistaken. It was not always my body that these clients began to demand. Rather it was my presence in their life and my aura that they did not want to let go of. I still remember the interaction with my first client which was all about discovering myself. It was about having sex, satisfaction, fun and pleasure.

But now when I see myself, it has all turned out to be about job satisfaction, love, value and money. I guess I want it all now. Wouldn't you want everything if it was given to you? Only a fool would run away. I like the thirst in men for wanting me as they crave my touch. It is the way they lie to their friends to spend time with me.

All of this matters a lot for me as I was a nobody. Each passing day goes by and every week I meet someone new. Some have different expectations from the private escorts. While others keep feeding their same desires. My profession is something that not everyone sees as a nice thing. I often ask myself at night if I want to keep doing this. The question often came to my mind when I went to meet a client or returned after meeting one. But then I thought that If it is bringing no harm then what is wrong? After all, today I have established my own female escort agency.

I don't find this profession to be something bad. It keeps me well-fed, lets me live a luxurious life and satisfies my sexual desires in return for money. What job could bring so much fun and thrill? There is nothing in the world for which I would stop being in this profession. Guess it is the profession that helped me discover my true self and will shape my future journey as well. I am just a girl with needs and you are just a man looking for women like me.

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