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7 hot sex positions, both boys and girls get full enjoyment!

Sex life cannot be fun without sex positions. As long as sex life does not give pleasure, then this moment has no significance. Therefore sex positions have been mentioned in Kama Sutra (Kamsutra) to modern medical science. Also, sexologists continue to advise for this.

Here we are going to talk about 6 such hot sex positions (Orgasm). These positions can be done easily. Because there are many such difficult positions but we will talk about them later.

For the moment, know about the following sex positions, which both you and your partner will enjoy.

Benefits of hot sex positions

By the way, sex position has many benefits. Because most Indian women do not get orgasm or extreme pleasure. Indian men lag behind in this matter. But your problem can be overcome through sex position. For this, know about sex positions and their methods.

Doggie style position

Doggy style is considered to be the best sex position to get multiple orgasms. This position is very easy to do. It is said that women are most satisfied with this position. But even less fun is enjoyed by men.

How to do doggy style sex

In this position, the woman stays on her hands and knees. The man has sex in this state. In this state, in order to provide comfort to the legs and hands of the female partner, place a cushion thing there. Also lighten first, you can try hardcore later.

Seated lotus sex position

Seated Lotus can also give you multiple orgasms. This is also a great sex position. For this also you do not need to work very hard. This position can be relaxed. These can be done by both experienced and beginners.

How to do a seated lotus sex position

As its name suggests, two people in this position will be like the shape of a lotus flower. During this, the man sits cross-legged and the woman sits on top of him with his legs extended. Comfort yourself while sitting so that the partner can handle and enjoy well.

Reverse cowgirl sex position

It has also been described as better for achieving orgasm. Many experienced people do this for a long time. Both boys and girls enjoy this position. It is also an easy sex position. Clitoral stimulation is also experienced by this position.

How to reverse cowgirl sex position

For a cowgirl sex position, the male partner has to lie on his back and the female partner is on top of his male partner. But for this, she takes support by holding the knees of the man by turning his face and face.

The bridge sex position

The bridge is a bit difficult to position sex but not impossible. But if beginners do not do this then it will be good. You may have to try a bit for this. But, believe so much that you will get pleasure.

How to do the bridge sex position

In this intimate sex position, bend your knees in a position where your feet can rest comfortably on the ground. Raise the female partner's hips upward in a bridge position. Now raise your legs slowly and place them on your partner's shoulders. While doing this, also take some care so that there are no injuries.

69 sex position

It is one of the ancient sex positions, which is also mentioned in Kamasutra. Can enjoy oral sex in 69 sex positions. Although there is no penetration in this position, there is no lack of pleasure.

69 how to position sex

Female and male partners get equal pleasure in this 69 sex positions. In this position, either one of the male or female partners will lie down first. Then the other partner will lie on top of that partner's private part. In this way, both will be private parts in front of the partner's mouth. They can play well with him.

Classic missionary sex position

If you are in the mood to become wild on the bed, then without delay get ready for the classic missionary sex position. This will give both of you extreme happiness. Penetration occurs well in this position.

Classic Missionary Sex Position Method

To perform the classic missionary sex position, you can place a pillow or cushion under your partner's butt, which will lift your partner's waist up. For this reason, Penetration will happen in a better way and will help both of you to reach extreme happiness.

Spooning sex position

Spooning sex positions are considered the easiest. This can be done very easily. In this also both get extreme happiness. There is not much fun of penetration in this.

How to position a spooning sex

Turn your female partner over for a spooning sex position. Now you go behind him and lie down in the same way. Slap the butt of the female partner. Then do the penetration in the same way.


Information about sex position is given based on sex related books and articles. You should prepare them well before doing them so that there is no injury while doing it. If you or your partner are not feeling comfortable in a sex position, do not do it.